Privacy Policy

The privacy policy of site includes guidelines and procedures relating to Policybook’s use and disclosure of information about the customers and individuals who visit the website. Before accessing our site, you have to read and agree with the privacy policy along with the Terms and Conditions provided on this page. It describes in which way we will use your personal information that you provide on our website. Our team shall always be transparent with you about what information we collect, what we do with it, with whom we share it and who you should contact if you have any concerns.

At our customers are our most valued assets. The Policybook team value you as a customer and respect your right to privacy by taking your personal privacy seriously. Because protecting your privacy is important to us. We are dedicated to maintaining the confidentiality and security of personal information. We also limit the access to personal information about you to those individuals, such as our staff, agents, and third parties.

When you visit our site, we automatically collect your IP address, your browsing history, information about your visit, and in which way you are using our site. We will use the information provided by you to serve your needs. That means, for example, if you supply us with your telephone number, then you may receive a call from us in response to the request. Whenever we want we can use your personal information. So, you have to agree with our conditions while browsing our site.

But always remember that we will not sell, exchange, or share your personal information without your consent, except to the extent required by law, by your instructions, or as identified in this privacy statement. We may change this Privacy Policy at any time and from time to time. Don’t worry, we will notify our customers when we make any changes.